Taiwan's largest makerspace + coworking space, located in central Taipei, where everyone can realize their dreams & start their future. 
By sharing tools & resources in an aspirational space that is conducive to learning & collaborating, we strive to foster a creative & supportive community. 
With over 1,000 m² of floor space, extra high ceiling, & walls of windows, it is an airy, inspirational space ideal for makers, artists, tinkerers, & dreamers.
The coworking space has 150 m² of hot desks, 2 meeting rooms, event space, and a large lounge area.

There are rooms for all kinds of making...

Digital Fabrication: 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC machines, vinyl cutter
Prototyping: vacuum forming, plaster molding, heat strip bender
Metal working: milling machines, lathe, band saw, drill presses, sheet metal brake, grinders, welders
Woodworking: band saws, table saws, scroll saws, jigsaw, router, drill presses, belt sanders, disc sanders, lathes
Ceramics: pottery wheels & kilns
Paint room

Coming soon...
Digital Fabrication: 3D scanners, more 3D printers using various materials!
Metalworking: TIG/MIG welder, plasma cutter
Woodworking: SawStop table saw, miter saw, planar, CNC router
Crafts & textiles: sewing machines, serger, jewelry making tools
Electronics: oscilloscope, signal generator, power source, multimeters, soldering stations, hot rework station, desoldering tool

Additive manufacturing service: SLS (plastic & metal) + SLA
Laser cutting service
CNC routing & machining services